Taxila City: Taxila Museum

Taxila City: Taxila Museum

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the civilization of Gandhara exists towards the north-west from Islamabad at Taxila city which is 35km from Islamabad at a 20 minute drive. After crossing Margalla Hills while travelling on GT road one can reach the Taxila Museum by turning left from Taxila bypass at Khanpu and afterwards moving for about 4km further. This museum contains some priceless artifacts and collection of the art of this ancient civilization which dates back to at least 600BC to 700BC. The visitors can relax and enjoy the view from the beautiful gardens attached to the museum`s building.


The construction of the museum started in 1918 which was completed in 1928 and was soon opened for public. It was the courtesy of the Pakistani government to construct the northern gallery which is visited by not only Pakistanis but visitors from all around the world to see the extravagant collection of the ancient civilization. The artifacts that are displayed in the museum dates back to 500BC to 600 BC and there are almost 4000 objects displayed in the museum. These artifacts include about two dozens of stupas which are still in the same condition as they were uncovered while some are also repaired.

Gandhara ArtGandhara Art

Marvelous collections of stone Buddhist sculptures are also displayed by the museum which was discovered during an excavation in Taxila. The Ghandara art is also conceived and practiced by the locals as home industries and they also made sculptures and statues of Buddhist with stone work.

Other Historical Places in TaxilaTaxila City: Taxila Museum

There are many historical sites in this ancient place which are opened to visitors and locals and one can also inquire and get information of these sites through guides and information desks. These priceless artifacts are a valuable treasure of our culture.




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