The Most Remarkable Food Streets of Pakistan

The Most Remarkable Food Streets of Pakistan

Pakistanis are impassioned about food; that is why the breathtaking eateries and inviting menus get more evident for our routine delights. We are here to present you with a list of most remarkable food streets of Pakistan that would be the worth visiting for you to get an experience of delicious cuisines.

1. Boat Basin, Karachi:

It is the favorite boating and food area for Karachi people. It has the latest and modern restaurants. That’s why it is commonly known to be the important food streets of Karachi. In recent times, the street is embedded with dozens of restaurants, out of which some are remained open for 24×7.

2. Lahore Fort Food Street:

This is especially for those who have made a selection of Lahori Food; The Fort Food Street can be a splendid experience. The street is situated on the Lahore Fort Road, besides to the Badshahi Mosque and is the part of ancient Lahore better known to be Walled City. The architecture of street comprises with historic multi-storied houses and the wooden made balconies that are painted with variety of colors, and lit eminently at night. The people can find variety of popular eateries at this food street such as Rewaj and Cucoo’s Dena.

3. Do Darya, Karachi:

Do Darya Karachi has now become the popular talk in the city. Located near to the Beach View Road at DHA phase at VIII, it is a gigantic street containing numerous restaurants like Ambala, Hot Bite, Afridi Inn, Sajjad and Kolachi etc. The beautiful scenery of sea shore, the wooden work and the delicious food will attract you hard. Do Darya is the most contended place for the family gatherings.

4. Sindhi Muslim, Karachi:

This food street is centrally situated at Karachi that extends around a circular track; embellished with various food eateries chains. The most prominent ones are Nandos, KFC, Gloria Jeans, and Roasters etc.

5. Anarkali Food Street, Lahore:

It is the ancient bazaar street situated in Lahore. The street is categorized into two parts: the old street is popular for Lahori cuisine and traditional food items. It is the famous spot for public that is crowded in the morning especially for breakfast and on the time of weekends. It is now being re-constructed by the government after the terrorist attack of 2013.

6. Qissa Khawani Bazaar, Peshawar:

It is the legendary bazaar spot and food street in Peshawar. It displays the exact culture and customs of the city. The appetizing taste of tikkas, Kababs, Chapalli kabas and barbeque that street provide is unforgettable.

7. Melody Food Street, Islamabad:

It is a newly inaugurated food area with numerous food items to select from. Many popular restaurants have opened their outlets in it. The street contributes plenty of Traditional food and BBQ with different kind of energizing fresh fruit juices to compliment with them.

8. Gawalmandi, Lahore:

It is located near to some old buildings and areas of Lahore where the historic Kashmiri-Persian architecture can be visualized. This food street is the major attraction of hub for tourists that is remained open for 24×7. The appetizing food, hang outs and worth seeing sites are the most elegant signs of Gawalamandi. The best foods are Haleem, Chargah, Hareesa and Paaye etc.

9. Burnes Road, Karachi:

It is generally referred to as Bun’s Road and is situated in the historic city of Karachi. It mostly opens at 6 by evening and remains rushed and crowded with food lovers. The most popular offerings of this street are Biryani, kheer, Fried finger fish, Nihaari, Rabri, fry kabab, ras gulay, halwa puri and dahi bara etc.

10. Port Grand, Karachi:

It is a food deluxe for Karachi citizens. It is the investment of billion rupees by Grand Leisure Corporation. It is a heart throbbing experience with its attracting point of art and astonishing food items. Here are numerous food outlets in function. It is the best recommended place for family gathering

Written By Aqsa Zahid 



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