The Outstanding Achievements of Squash Game

The Outstanding Achievements of Squash Game
Jahangir Khan of Pakistan with the trophy after becoming the men's British Open Squash Champion at Wembley Arena on 10th April 1984. (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)

The torch lit by Jahangir Khan was then given to Jansher Khan, another teenaged prominent player. Within some months towards the end of the year 1987, the active Jansher Khan inflicted 7 successive deafest on his countryman. The ultimate monotonous regularity and convenience with Jansher has defeated his compatriot portends a remarkable future for the scion of the Khan clan. Even at very young age, Jasnher Khan has come to be appreciated by the world as one the greatest player of all time. Time alone will indicate how great Jansher is destined to be. It is very astonishing to note that 2 top berths in tile international ranking list are now organized by Jansher and Jahangir. And the remaining world is far behind these 2 outstanding Pakistanis. Jansher has still to prove his ability in the British Open, the mere contest which lie has not claimed during the 12 months or so. Even so the lie has kept the country Pakistan flying high all this period. His instant rise has surprised the world. Jansher has acquire and reached the Olympic heights sooner than any of the former players. Jansher is looking forward to rewrite the squash record book.

The 2 premier contests, the British Open and the world Open Champion ship, have been ruled by 2 Khans for the last decade and a half. By achieving the British Open title record 10 times, the eminent Jahangir Khan deployed his name to immortality. The present No.1, Jansher Khan has already defeated Jahangir Khan’s record for 5 successive achievements in the World Open Championship. He climaxed the year 1996 season by achieving the twentieth edition of the World Open Contest for the 8 time which record is expecting to last a long until someone more extraordinary player comes to replace it.

It is worth mentioning that during the last 16 international contests, 13 have been won by the two legendaries of the sport from Pakistan – Jasher Khan (8 times) and Jahangir Khan (5 times). The only things which upset and worry the Pakistanis are: there is no one else in the country who match the caliber Jansher and Jahangir to continue this great tradition and keep the spirit of nation alive. Jansher Khan has already taken retirement from active squash.



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