The Overview of Multan

Tomb of Yusuf Shah Gardezi

Multan is situated on the eastern bank of River Chenab in the famous province of Punjab, Pakistan. Multan is believed to be one of the ancient cities of the continent South Asia. It is hard to determine exactly how ancient the city is. Being on the pathway of South Asia to Central Asia, it has observed various invaders. Before being conquered by the popular ruler Mohammed Bin Qasim the Arab invader, it was under the governance of Hindu rule. Over the years it altered various masters and ultimately under the Mughal period witnessed its evergreen period. From Mughals, it passed to the Sikhs and after that to the British. Ultimately it became a part of the country Pakistan in the year 1947 and gradually crept towards its development.

The sufi city Multan today is bustling with activity. The primary occupation of the persons is agriculture and livestock farming. Wheat, sugarcane and cotton are the basic crops produced. Multan is particularly called for its mangoes. Chaunsa, Anwar Raitol and Langra are few of the finest variations produced.

Multan is also popular for its famous handicrafts. Embroidered shoes and clothes are very much in demand throughout the Pakistan. Hand knotted carpets and cloth woven on handlooms is the specialty of Multan city. Ceramics and pottery specifically blue glazed is acknowledged in the Pakistan as well as abroad.

Another thing of Multan worth highlighting is the Sohan Halwa. It is a delicious dish for all those who are addicted to desserts.





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