The Wildlife Location in Jallo Park

The Wildlife Location in Jallo Park

Jallo Park, sometimes called Jallo Wildlife Park, built in the year 1978, is a public recreation and wildlife place situated in Lahore District, Punjab. Extended over a place of 461 acres, it is one of the 3 main wildlife parks situated in the city Lahore, the other 2 being Changa Manga and Lahore Zoo Safari. The park is seven kilometers in the direction of east to Lahore city. Facilities at Jallo Park involve a Forest Research Centre, swimming pool, Wildlife Breeding Center, coffee shops, restaurants, a theme park, a sports complex, and a large lake for fishing and boating. It is presently funded by the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department of Punjab’s Government. It is conveniently accessible by Trans Lahore buses, taxi and Lahore City Commuter trains that stop at Jallo Railway Station.


Jallo Park was built in 1978 as a recreation park for public.

43 acres of the park has been assigned as a breeding center for wildlife. In the year of 2007, various sambar and chital deer were brought to this magnificent park for breeding. Unique kinds of birds, like species of pheasants and parrots, were also included to the park.

In the year of 2008, the Punjab’s Government took steps for the establishment and beautification of the park. A sports complex was also added which involved courts for volleyball and lawn tennis, grounds for cricket and soccer, and a 50-km track for bicycling. The park also owns a public swimming pool.

Jallo Park Railway Station:

It is one of the most busy railway station situated in Jallo Park. It is also included as one of the sub-urban stations of the Lahore city which are facilitated by commuter trains of Lahore. A great number of commuters utilize this station to get approach to the Lahore city.

Species list:

  • Mammals
    • Asian black bear
    • Bactrian camel
    • Chital
    • Chinkara
    • Sambar
  • Aves
    • Common pheasant
    • Indian peafowl
    • Rock pigeon
  • Reptiles
    • Indian cobra
    • Mugger crocodile



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