Tips for Strong and Healthy Hair Growth

Tips for Strong and Healthy Hair Growth

Hair are one of the basic and important component of our personality. Hair like any other human parts of our body demands complete attention and healthy environment.

As you might have observed that those who take bath, oil hair daily and save them from pollution have healthy and stronger hair then those who don’t. Human Hair are just like plants. Plants if planted in same kind of soil but given different level of attention, environment and nutrients will show different results.

Those plants who are provided proper environment, fertilizer and water on time will show better growth and fertility however those who are planted in the same soil but are not provided the same fertilizer, environment and water on time will become weak and faded, their growth will be much lesser and in some cases none. Same is with the human hair.

To retain the black color of the hair (the natural color, unless you are blond or Auburn) a proper quantity of Iron should be included in our daily food. To strengthen the Hair, elements like Keratin and Melatonin should have a balance proportion in the human body.

For the proper growth of hair, a certain amount of elements like Sulfur, Iodine, Zinc and Chlorine should be present in our blood. The most important thing is Oxygen, which should be present in the human blood and the balanced flow of blood towards the hair on the head. These aspects effects the growth, strength and the defense of Hair.

Dietary Treatment:

Make sure to add, sliced mutton, Bananas, Strawberries and apple milk shake, Desi Ghee, Yogurt and eggs in your food. To improve the digestive system use white cumin, fennel and cardamom. Morning walk for 30 minutes positively affects the hair growth.



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