US based Firm Created Glasses for Color-blind

US based Firm Created Glasses for Color- blind

A US based firm has developed new glasses that have permitted people with color-blindness to see red and green for the first time in their life.

EnChroma, situated in Berkeley, San Francisco, created the colorblindness remedial gear two years ago and have now presented an advanced model that permits users to play sports and is child-friendly.

Generally, colorblind individuals are not permitted to work as policemen, firemen, pilots or electricians, because even though they can differentiate most of the colors, their brains do blunder with red and green, specifically when they are faint hues.

Those with ordinary color vision have three photo-pigments in their eyes that are liable to capture the light, with the brain doing the math to alter them into the right color, whether it is blue, purple, yellow or red.

“Colorblind individuals overlap the red and green pigments in the brain a lot, so they get blurry muddied colors,” EnChroma’s vice president Donald McPherson informed ‘Xinhua’ news agency.

To support the brain to separate these hues, EnChroma created a glass that distributes red and green, cutting a little bit of light between the two colors.

With the corrective glass, McPherson stated, “the regular wavelengths are refurbished because it captures the right pigments, enabling the brain to easily comprehend which colors are there.”

EnChroma is also planning to present an indoor glasses for the colorblind.

“They look like normal glasses, with see-through crystals, so they can be worn at the workplace or during class, which will assist billions of individuals go about their work or their daily chores in a regular way,” McPherson claimed.



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