Why Kuwait not issuing Visas to Pakistanis?

ISLAMABAD: Advisor to Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, while addressing to the question of Murad Saeed in National Assembly said that, Kuwait Officials apparently, seems not denying to issue the visas to Pakistanis but they do.

In National Assembly, Murad Saeed expressed his concern that Kuwait is not issuing visas to Pakistan. On which Advisor to Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz told that, apparently, Kuwaiti Officials are saying that they are not refusing any visa applications for Pakistani People, but due to the increasing number of drug smuggling, in which numerous Pakistani people have been arrested and in order to control the current situation of the country, a local government of Kuwait, limited the issuance of visas to Pakistan since 2011. He said that, Government of Pakistan is in continuous contact with Kuwaiti Officials and the local government is only providing visas to those, who have an employment offer from a local company.

Sartaj Aziz said that, around 240 Pakistanis are imprisoned. From these prisoners, most of them have charges of Smuggling, ¾ have charges of Murders, and ¾ have charges of Rape, theft and forgery. From them 221 have been sentenced to the punishment, while 19 cases are still in process.



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