Why Mosquitoes Bites You More Than Others – New Study

Why Mosquitoes Bites You More Than Others

London – If you believe that mosquitoes bites you more than others then it is not your fault, research has proven that it is your parent’s fault.

Recently British scientists have revealed the results of their research about mosquito biting. Their research showed that Mosquitoes are attracted towards human by their smell and every human inherited this smell by its parents.

After a long research, scientists realized that those human who are bitten more than normal humans possess a unique kind of smell which they have acquired by their parents.

A team of scientists from the School of High Genie and Tropical Medicine have discovered that twins have 100 percent same genes and mosquitoes bite them equally.

Scientists believes that more research on this topic will help in creating such kind of medicine which can reduce the effects of that smell. Scientist have experimented on 18 twins and other 19 children.



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