World First Warm blooded Fish – Opha

World First Warm blooded Fish – Opha

World first warm blooded Fish have been discovered, in the body of this fish circulates the same blood just like other mammals and birds.

From this discovery all over the world all the experts use to think that only Humans or other mammals and birds are warm blooded and the creatures of sea and lakes like fishes are cold blooded animals.

However, this the first time ever since this kind of fish has been discovered which have warm blood in the body. The name of this fish is Opha and the blood on its body is Warm just like other earth crawling animals.

This fish usually found in America, Australia and other nearby countries and use his fins to create heat. In the body of this fish there is an internal temperature system which keep his blood warm.

This system of this fish works to keep the cold blood warm, which exhales from his lungs, the normal temperature of this fish is 5-4 centigrade.

The scientists of American organization which consists on marine biologists have discovered this fish. The name of this Organization is NOAA. These scientist have also discovered this extraordinary internal system.

The shape of this fish Opha is Ellipse while the size is like a tire of a vehicle and is very fast as well as known as a very good hunter. Usually found in deep water.

Scientist believes that this warm body is what makes in so active and fast, which helps this fish to capture his prey and can travel for long distance.

Scientist are still surprised with this recent discovery and said that nature is always so surprising and astonishing, we never thought that a fish which lives in cold water but have this amazing system which make the blood of this fish warm. This is the biggest ability of this Opha fish.



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